Friday, July 18, 2014

Fondant Friday: Two tiered 18th Birthday Cake

Happy Fondant Friday!

I made this a few weeks ago and embarrassingly, I am only getting around to posting it now. But as its fondant Friday, it worked out pretty well.

This two-tiered cake is a chocoholics dream. The top layer was a chocolate fudge cake and the bottom layer was chocolate biscuit cake. The birthday girl had seen something similar online and wanted it in her favourite colours~purple and pink. It also had some purple and pink stars on the top layer, almost like a stars bursting out of the cake. It was quite breezy that day so I assembled them on delivery for fear of them bending in some crazy way.

I'd never done those stars before but they are super effective. The cake seems almost 'unfinished' without them. Of course did I bring my camera, or even my phone to show you all. No! Because that would actually require me to be organised and have a brain...ugh lol!

Anyway hope everyones Friday is going well and the weekend is even better!

Shirley x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fondant Friday: Baby Shower Cupcakes

A while back, a friend of mine was invited to a baby shower. We having the usual chit-chat of what to bring, already knowing the mommy to-be had almost everything already. She had already bought a small gift, So I suggested why not bring along some cupcakes? They were super cute and a real nice touch if I may say so myself.

The mommy-to-be didnt know the sex of the baby so I did a mix 'n' match batch. I loved making each individual topper and although the were a bit time consuming, I adored the end result. I could honestly whittle away cupcake toppers each evening and die a happy woman. The went down an absolute storm at the baby shower. Sometimes the smallest little details can make the biggest impact...I was beyond delighted.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Shirley x

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Hello you lovely people!

Where has time gone?! I have been M.I.A lately and hopefully will get back into some sort of blogging routine soon. I don't really know what it is about summer but blogging seems to go out the window for me. It probably has a lot to do with the bright long evenings and the fact we are actually having a summer. It has been a fantastic summer so far. You can wear shorts,vests and dresses without getting the 'I hope we get the weather shes expecting look' lol! I've been baking here and there but not half as regular as I would...I'm clearly a seasonal baker.

Last week I got an urge...I just HAD to have cake. I was in work and was itching for home time just so I could start baking. The last few weeks of bakes have been for other people so I had great plans to sit and eat cake all to myself until I couldn't breathe.....and that's exactly what I did!

Admittedly I didn't eat the whole thing alone. G and Mr. T were only too happy to indulge with me. It was light and fluffy with a smooth chocolatey buttercream. I adapted a recipe from god knows because I am clearly the most unorganised person EVER. But I do remember adding maple syrup to the cake batter and my, my! I will definitely be doing it again. It gave the richest,deepest flavour.....superb!

Happy Tuesday guys and I hope everyones enjoying their summer!

Shirley x

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guitar Cake


No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, time has just not been my friend as of late. I honestly don't have a clue where February went and then I feel like I blinked and missed March. I mean how in gods name is it the first of April already!!!

I haven't even dabbled in much bakes. I went off bread for lent (like a crazy person) and my whole family went off sweet things so all that was left to make was more savoury dishes.....which I'm considering sharing as it does class as baked goods....right?!

I did, however, get an order for this guitar cake. I can't tell you how happy a new cake challenge makes me. It was something I had never done before and I've certainly never made something so large. I loved every minute of it.

I baked five sheets of chocolate cake and used a template I cut out of cake boards. I then "glued" them all together with buttercream and crumb coated. I think I've finally got my crumb coating down so that it crusts perfectly for the fondant. I then covered it in fondant and added the extra bits 'n' bobs with a little bit of edible glue.

I was pretty chuffed with the results......super fun project!

Hope you are keeping well out there in blogland!

Shirley x